Auto Beatup AuditionSEA Hacks

At Auto beatup auditonsea hacks, you use hotkey like F3 or F4 for select your delay, F8 for paused the bot, F9 for start the bot and F11 / F12 for select the song. How to use cheat auto beatup audition :

1. Make a backup of your fmod.dll in your audi folder
2. Rename fmod.dll to fmod_.dll in your audi folder
3. Copy the file fmod.dll from the party folder to audi folder
4. Open party.exe and Go in game
5. When in room, select your song. Exp: Audition - Can Can
6. The press f11 or f12, to find Adution - can can
7. Press f3 or f4 to set your delay. Default -25 (works on most coms)
8. Start then game, press f9 to start the bot, you dont need to press anything
9. Game end press f8 to pause.
Link : http://downloads.ziddu.com/downloadfile/5101868/cheatautobeatup.rar.html
Sumber ; cheatgame

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