Crazy Kart Speed Hack

Ini tutorialnya dalam bahasa inggris gampang dimengerti kok..

..CRAZY KART..speed HACK..!!!!!
1st~open cheat engine 5.4 and also CrazyKart
2nd~in cheatengine open the Process List and find "CrazyKartClient.dat" then click it
3rd~in cheatengine click settings below the cheatengine LOGO
4th~you can see the CONFIGURE HOTKEYS in General settings.Click it(CONFIGURE HOTKEYS)
5th~there you can see "Toggle the speed Hack"click it.
6th~in its Hotkey put there the "Arrowe Up" button.
7th~click ok and ok................................................ ...
8th~then in the main CheatEngine kindly put a check mark on"Enable Speed Hack"
9th~put "10000" for the speed and"1" for the time
10th~then click "Speed Set"
(notwe: do not close the cheatengine, let it be open all the time)
11th~play now your CrazyKart, youll experience the hack whene you click "arrow up" any time "arrow up" is better to use because it is the one to be used use in accelerating your Kart.

Gimana?? Berhasil???

Sumber : http://allin001.blogspot.com

Credit : Arya

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