Hot!! HNMODZ 1.7


Download HNMODZ 1.7

Tutorial :
Copy ke folder ayodance kalian, Setelah selesai login tekan F8

F9 : Mulai Perfect

Auto 1k: Capslock Start, F12 shortcut.
Only 1 key is auto 4 only used with the functions 1k.

Auto Ctrl: Jump For Beatrush, On F5, F6 Off

Auto Space: Enabling F3, F4 shortcut, the + side effects to reduce the delay, oil - the key to increase the delay effects

Ok i think that's all. Monggo...

Pesan dari nyang Punya Cheat :
Dilarang Mengcopy Paste tanpa sumber.. Tetapi saya tidak melarang anda untuk mencopas....^^

Thank's : http://game-pusat.blogspot.com/

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