iTechFire Hot Dance 1.6 Fix (IHD) - Auto Audition - 17-06-09

iTechFire Dance Hot Fix 1.6 (IHD) - Auto Audition - 17-06-09

Version has completed the Server ID, at least lose connection from the Server, the server running 24/24 shrinkage occurs with Hosting T_T. not 1 time but many times. I update this version 1.6 Fix upgrade to 4 and 2 Hosting Server Id to support the more convenient.
Fix version 1.6 update fixes Auto F1 does not work in number 1.

Download Link:

Guidance and general account: Auto pop-up will be!
100 more accounts Hacl + Perfect Hack + Auto Space Del mừng 4rum new
Have overcome the problem can not log into the server at night. Current server will run 24/24 and reset the kì 2 days 1 times up to 12h! (Except power)

Auto Beat Up only works when you turn on Del (Del Enter button in the right hand [numlock])
Do not press F9 if not will be Au Dis.
custom display card: the card's Control Panel display .=> = 3D setting>
Method 1: Edit mode Performance = Performance or High Performance.
Method 2: Adjust the Vertical Sync = Force Off
Click here to view detailed instructions => http://itechfire.com/group/forum/showthread.php?t=199

http://users1.titanichost.com/romeo454/VkVn.zip <--- link down one font for the font error. Unpacking, copy the Fonts folder (default is C: \ Windows \ Fonts)

Image attached:

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