Perfect World Fake

Neh buat yang pencinta Perfect World Fake..

langsung aje ye..

Serper lokasi : Malaysia dan Singapore ( ada Isp dr sono Jadi bisa Lokal )

High EXP 1000x <> Gold-Drop 100x <> Item Drop 1000x] [Middle Rates 500x] <> Custom Client (v3.8.5) + Autopatcher. Weekly Events + Auto Cubi Refiller + Cubi in AH ! ->Full Client + Patch -> No Lags !!

dan parahnya yang test serper

The Sakray (Test-Server) has some limitations and is NOT save to play ! The Sakray Server is not at a Datacenter, it can only handle 450 ~ 500 Players laagfree, there is a disconnect every 24h for few Minutes and the Server is not ever online ! Sometimes there will be a Wipe too !

The Sakray Server has to following Rates and features :

- EXP 10.000x
- Gold 10.000x
- SP 1000x
- 3rd Hell Fairy for all new Characters
- 200.000 Reputation for all new Characters
- 200.000.000 Gold for all new Characters
- LVL 103 for all new Characters (after killing a Mob)
- All instances are Open
- No GM Support or Bug Fixing !
- Free Cubi-Gold (use this guide : [Guide] How to get Cubi-Gold at the Sakray Server )
The Test-Server is NOT stable !

Download : Client http://www.fake-gaming.net/downloads-clients.html

Download : Patch http://www.fake-gaming.net/downloads-patch.html

Register : http://www.fake-gaming.net/forum/index.php...mp;threadID=525

Nah... Pas regis tinggal milih mo serper yg mana tapi saran gw yg midle aja banyak yg maen


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