Win Mode Audisi


Want to force a game or application into windowed mode that
doesn't support it through its own interface? Now you can,
to an extent. Results will vary depending on how your DirectX
application was written.


1) Launch dxwnd.exe
2) Right click the application's window pane
3) Select "Add"
4) Use the "..." button to browse for your fullscreened executable
5) Select the DirectX version of your executable if it's known, if
not, leave it set to "Automatic"
6) If your executable runs in 256 (8-bit) colored mode, check
the "Emulate 256 Color Palette" check box
7) Click "OK"
8) Now that you have an entry for your executable, simply double click it
or run the game/application itself. What's neat is as long as dwwnd is
running, it will intercept the launching of the application itself, so
it's not necessary to use dxwnd itself to start your game/application

Good luck.

Work for Audition :

Is Not ALT + TAB WinMod

Download here...

Sumber: Koko Shin(HIKARU)
Thank's : http://haneclub.blogspot.com/

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