Download Cookiepie [multy ID]

Do you looking cookiepie ? Download cookiepie can open multiple login yahoo mail, gmail, flickr, ebay, wordpress, blogger accounts. For gamers, you can login with multiple users in a single browser. You can download cookiepie at here. You can login into both at the same time.

To use cookiepie, you just need to press a ctrl + T on you browser to open a new tab. Then you press right click in the new tab and select toogle on/off cookiepie, you will see a smal cookie icon on the tab. Now you can open different account. At game, maybe you can dupe cash or anything

INti sarinya : Kita bisa mengunakan lebih dari satu ID untuk satu Window.

Download cookiepie, you just click install extension

Thank's : http://www.cheatgame.info/

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