DRAGONBALL ONLINE, a massively multiplayer online game based on the Japanese comics Dragon Ball, is nearing the open beta testing phase

According to an anonymous source, Korean game development company Ntl Inc. is developing a massively multiplayer online game based on Dragon Ball. Having high completeness, Dragon Ball Online will start is open beta in the first half of 2007. However, an official announcement has been withheld because the Korean operator for the game has not been selected.

The above image is a screenshot of Dragon Ball Online in its development phase, so it may be different from its public beta version.

Dragon Ball Online is not a casual game but a MMORPG set in the Dragon Ball world 250 years after the original work. In the game, players will take adventures in Dragon Ball world. The game graphics fully reflect the comic style of the original work. The characters in Dragon Ball Online are made in 3D, and the game has introduced quite a number of innovative game systems including world martial arts tournament and marriage system.

The world martial arts tournament is an online counter strike system which produces the strongest player in the game.

The marriage system is a system characterized by alternation of generations, where players can get married and have their children and they rely on their offspring to continue their adventures in the game. Players can only acquire new abilities through alternation of generations.

It is said that Ntl. Inc. is supported by Bandai in developing Dragon Ball Online and that Akira Toriyama, the author of Dragon Ball, has been keeping an eye the development of the game. According to the source, due to the author#DY#s excessive interference, some of the contents in the original work will not be incorporated into this game, for example, players will not be able to play as Monkey King.

Check the link for more details: DragonBall Online Finally Announced!

System Requirement

CPU : Pentium 4 2GHz or higher
RAM : 512MB or higher

In-Game Information:

Marriage System : When Dragon Ball Online , was first being developed at that time no other martial arts MMO had a marriage system, so they thought it would be a bright idea to implement it then , well unfortunately times changed, and now its very much a normal thing in MMO`s, Dragon Ball Online has a marriage feature and apparently from our reports its a very in-depth one!

Player Vs Player : If any of you are familiar with the party finding system in City Of Heroes / City Of Villains then this will ring a bell for you , there will be an option to show you all the people who are online, their level , if they have the PVP acceptance on and the chances of winning against them , this would have revolutionized MMORPG`s , but it seems like other MMO`s hit it before Dragon Ball Online.

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