Perfect Hack + ResetNPC AuSea


How to use
Doing Perfect Hacking
1.go in game and press F7 (if you not sure press over 1 times)
2.play in NPCs room you will see your bar isn't freeze. Dont worry
every you push spacebar you will make perfect chain

compressed by aldozz
Doing Reset NPCs (Normal Reset)
1.create normal room and invite your friends
2.Close this left-down slot
3.you must select random music (all random will work with it)
4.Press F3 and click Single. NPC catchy (189k) will pop up

working fully in AuSea !^^
credit : nProtect_TH
compressed by : aldozz
tested by : hikari

link :

FaQ !
I press F7 for perfect hack. Nothing seems to happen. Why why why!?

Its normal, it wouldn't freeze the bar.
Just play normally, You will get a perfect no matter where you space but you still have to manually press the keys.

Do you have to drag any files to make it work?

No. Just double click the application, FullHack.exe, log into the game and your done. =)
But for Vista and Win 7 users, you have to right click and Run the program as administrator.

How do i reset the NPC?

For normal bp, create a normal room (not bp room) and choose random song (100-120, 120-140 or ~100 Bpm).
Don't act pro and select 140~ unless you want to =)
Close the slot where the NPC is to appear (which is bottom left).
Press F3 once, click the 'SINGLE' button and the NPC will spawn with the 'plus' dens reseted.

For Union bp, same thing as above. But close 3 slots to the right where the NPC appear.
CHANGE the game mode to team, invite your friends and switch to blue aura.
Now, press F4 and change the mode to something else. NPC will spawn after that.

I can't seem to browse the NPC after it appears. Why!?

You are able to select the NPCs only after you have finish playing the first round.

Help! the dens are not reseted after i spawn the NPC. Why?

You have to refresh the server.
Go from one server to another for e.g Free to Others/ Others to Free. Or relog.

Any tips to earn Dens quickly?

Gather 5 ppl to reset and play normal bp.
Drain the top few NPCs. After Cathy, continue to drain the next NPC from the top =) the DJ click '<', it'll be around 180k+ per round. When you feel the 'plus' dens is getting low. Reset again.
Does this program work for other Audition servers?

I doubt so. its programmed to work only for AuditionSEA.


Source : http://aldozz.blogspot.com

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