Alarm Clock Pro 9.2.5

Alarm Clock Pro 9.2.5

Alarm Clock Pro - the program, representing a very rich features an alarm clock and scheduler. With this program you can easily plan your day from morning till night and entrust it to perform routine operations such as loading and running playlist to your favorite music. The utility is able to verbalize or display on the screen different cheered expression or send them to your mobile phone as an SMS. There is a built-inscheduler, a list of birthdays, with which you can automatically send congratulations to the e-mail. The program also has a stopwatch. With built-in scheduler can perform various tasks and schedule them for a month, week, day, hour and even minute. With a simple and easy to use-friendly interface, work with theprogram quickly and easily.

• Sending text messages to your phone
• Playing audio or video file
• Repetition and auto-stop media files
• Increasing the speed of playback of media files
• Changing the volume playing media file
• Repeat media files on the number of times or at specified time
• Open documents and applications
• Playing a web broadcasts
• Playing of iTunes playlists
• Stop, pause and resume the audio file in iTunes
• Opening Web Sites
• Sending e-mail with attachments
• connecting and disconnecting the Internet connection
• Start or stop a screen saver
• Capture screenshot
• Display and / or pronunciation of the text
• Automatic prompting the computer from hibernation
• Puts the computer into hibernation
• Starting your computer
• Turn off computer
• Increase and decrease the volume in the system
• And many other possibilities ...

Version 9.2.5; released on: 2010-01-10.
• Modification: Updated copyright for 2010.
• Modification: Modified the crash reporter to disallow sending reports without any details from the user on what was happening when it appeared.
• Bug Fix: Fixed memory leak when closing windows that had their positions saved.
• Bug Fix: Now saves out background image for custom digital clocks.
• Bug Fix: iTunes auto-stop no longer is disabled.
• Bug Fix: Fixed the key smasher from executing when ACP was not foremost when the preferences told it otherwise.

OS: Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP and Windows Vista
Language: English

Download Link:-

Password:- www.dl4all.com

Thank's : http://www.dl4all.com/

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