Easy Plan Pro Portable

Easy Plan Pro Portable

Great number of the CAD programs are developed for architects and engineers. These programs are very dear, also as very are difficult in the study and difficult in the use. Easy Plan Pro isdeveloped for the rapid and simple drawing, clear design.

Further, in Easy Plan Pro,

The integrated on-line help assures quick answers to any questions that arise.

You can click a button to download and install program updates so that you always have the latest enhancements at your finger tips. And updates are FREE.

You can use the built-in fax driver to fax your plans anywhere in the world.

Attach plans to email messages and send them with the built-in email server.

Export plans to DXF or bitmap files.

Easy Plan Pro includes the home design tools you need.

Easily draw arcs, rectangles, circles, lines, and so forth.
Use the mouse, keyboard, or a combination of both.
Add scaled dimensions with two clicks.
Insert doors and windows with equal ease.
Zoom in or out with a click to work on detailed parts of the plan or to see the whole of it.
Create Layers that you can make invisible or visible at a click
Draw a plot plan using metes & bounds. Calculate the area and acreage.

Home Page - http://www.easyplanpro.com/

Download: 3.5 MB

Thank's : http://www.dl4all.com/

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