Romeo Hot Dance 2.4 ( AutoArrow 9K)

Romeo Hot Dance 2.4 for Audition Sea + Indo (fix 9k) - 01-01-10 - copyright (C) AtGameZ.com

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Please disable AntiVirus softwave, Debug Tools, Monitor Tools, Cheat Tools, ProcessXp program, ... before start Romeo Hot Dance
Program will not work if you rename this file [Romeo Hot Dance.exe]
Program will not work if you play Audition with Window mode !

Run Romeo Hot Dance.exe, wait for installed
Click button Setup, find folder Audition and select file Audition.exe
Enter Id and Password, click button Login.
When login to server successfully, functions will enabed, check the function you want use!
Click button Start Auto, start Audition game, use HotKey to On/Off functions.

Hot Key for Romeo Hot Dance:
Alt or Window : Simple Perfect 95% (Press key Alt Or Window instead of key Space)
F3: Auto F1 (auto Ready/Start) + Auto F2 (Fix Camera) + Auto Start Del Mode - Press F3 again to Off
F4: Auto Space, Press key + and - (Numpad) to coordinates - Press F4 again to Off
F5: Auto Beat Up 4k and 6k (not work with Del mode)
F6: Auto Beat Up 6k with Del(Enter) mode
F7: Auto Beat Rush, down CapsLock key for Auto Ctrl (auto combo), up Capslock key to end Auto Combo
F8: Auto BBoy
F9: Auto Couple
F10 : Auto Cherco - Dinamic - Free Style - Crazy 4k + 8k + crazy 9/9k
F11: On/Off Function Hack Perfect (close function)
F12: Off for Auto Auto Cherco - Dinamic - Free Style - Crazy, Auto BBoy, Auto Couple, Auto BeatUp, Auto Beat Rush
ESC: Delete chat content
Program code by Nhoc.Romeo

Free Account:
dancer01 -> dancer150
Password: 111
(Free account will disconnect affter 30 minute)

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