Uninstall Expert Portable

Uninstall Expert Portable

Uninstall Expert Portable | 5.5 MB

Uninstall Expert is an easy-in-use and powerful applications that helps you to uninstall unneeded programs completely from your computer. With Uninstall Expert, users can uninstall applications much faster than Windows Add/Remove program, sometimes 5-10 times faster. Still users can pick up the "hidden" programs which can't be displayed by Windows Add/Remove program. It can also appropriately load all applications with hot buttons, so you can easily find theprograms you wish to uninstall. Normally Add/Remove program can not uninstall applications completely, but Uninstall Expert can scan deeply into the computer, and then any broken registry keys and unused files on the hard disk can be removed completely.

Features Overview:

• Clear up remnants of program files and registry keys after uninstalling.
• Ability of uninstalling screen savers.
• Scan all installed applications' details on your computer.
• Lightning speed at startup is faster than the Add/Remove Program of Windows XP.
• Quickly open program install folders, company sites or support sites.
• Create a full report for installed programs and save reports to a text file.
• List all installed programs, system updates and screen savers quickly.
• Backup the registry info of all installed programs.
• Open and run any installed program quickly.
• Add comments for selected programs in the registry.
• Export program registry information.
• Export program list and print or save it at will.
• Display programs in 3 different views (Icons, List and Report).
• Friendly and easy-to-use GUI.

What's new in this version:
Version is a bug-fixing release.

System Requirements:
Processor type: Pentium
Processor speed: 233 MHz
Memory (Cache): 64 MB RAM Minimum
Hard disk: IDE
Operating system: Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Graphics: 256 colors @ 800 x 600


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