4 Password Recovery Apps

4 Password Recovery Apps

4 Password Recovery Apps

4 Password Recovery Apps
AIM Password Recovery
Password Recovery for MSN
Password Recovery for MySpace IM
Password Recovery for Windows Live
Password Recovery for MySpaceIM finds and shows MySpace passwords saved by MySpaceIM (instant messenger
created by MySpace) on your local system. Your MySpace password will be decrypted if you can successfully
login with MySpaceIM without entering your password. The program also allows recovery of MySpace passwords
from MySpaceIM data files extracted from other hard drives or user accounts (external recovery is explained
below on this page). Download and install MySpace password recovery tool and see if it can decode your
MySpace passwords
Windows Live Password Recovery is the tool that will instantly recover Windows Live® passwords that were
saved by Windows Live Messenger on your PC under the current login. This cracker works when you are able to
login with your messenger automatically without entering your password. It will recover multiple accounts
and supports all known versions of Windows Live Messenger. Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows
7. Even if you have un-installed Windows Live Messenger there is still a chance that your password is saved
on your PC. This is a great way to restore your long forgotten Windows Live Hotmail® password.
Password Recovery for MSN is the MSN messenger password recovery program that finds all encrypted MSN
Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Windows Messenger passwords stored on the local system. It then
displays them in an easy to read format. This program works if after clicking the "Sign-In" button in your
messenger you're able to login automatically without entering your MSN password.
AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) Password Recovery will find all encoded AIM passwords stored on the local PC
under the current account. The passwords will then be cracked and decoded (decrypted) to display on the
screen in a user-friendly format. Correct passwords will of course be displayed only if you are able to
login automatically in AIM without entering your password for the account you want to recover. Works with
the latest version of AIM (6). Passwords for multiple profiles (screen names) can be cracked. It costs
nothing to download AIM Password Recovery and see if the passwords are recoverable


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