phpDesigner 7.1

phpDesigner - long-awaited version of an effective and very convenient program for creating, editing, debugging, analyzing and publishing Web pages and applications in PHP. FOR equally suitable for new programmers, and for professional developers. In PHP, the program supports HTML, MySQL, XML, CSS, javascript, VBScript, JAVA, C, Python and Ruby. Also in addition ideally suited for WAMP/LAMP- and AJAX-style development, as well as implementing tools for automatic backlight code. The program has a capacious library containing more than 3000 functions, access to which can be easily implemented in the process of development.

Features of phpDesigner:
· Lighting fast and easy to learn and use!
· Full-blown PHP, HTML, CSS and javascript editor
· Intuitive, customizable workspace with theme support
· Syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, CSS, JS etc.
· Code explorer, code completion and code tip
· Project manager and project workspace
· Find declarations in projects in an intuitive way
· Debug and profile PHP code with Xdebug
· Live error detection for PHP, HTML and CSS
· Remote ftp editing
· Advanced search and replace
· Code snippets library and templates
· TortoiseSVN support
· Fast code beautifier for PHP, HTML and CSS
· Show matching and missing brackets and tags
· Learn PHP with integration of the PHP manual

Title: phpDesigner
Version: 7.1
Author: mpSoftware
Of.sayt: mpsoftware.dk
Updated: 2010.02
Price: 45 EUR (the medicine in the archive)
Interface: Russian / Multilanguage
OC: Windows 98/2K/XP/2K3/Vista/7
Size: 29.24 MB
Format:. Rar
Archive is divided into: one file
Information for restoration: 3%
Password: no password

Download Link:-

Thank's : http://www.dl4all.com/

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