Total Power Control v1.02

Total Power Control v1.02

Total Power Control - TPC puts at your fingertips a well laid out, easy to use tool that will help you get your work done quickly and easily. No more crawling around and clicking through layered menus. TPC Provides functions Microsoft left out. Due to intelligent design and layout, both novices and power users will be totally comfortable using TPC.
TPC main window - click to enlarge

TPC tray menu - click to enlarge

TPC command line - click to enlarge
Easy-to-use graphical

Access all features quickly from system tray menu

High-level of customization using command line

Key features include:

* Access any power plan with two clicks - power saver, balanced, high performance or any custom power plan.
* Two clicks to shutdown, restart, hibernate, sleep, screen off, logoff, lock workstation, switch user, run screensaver and more.
* Timer, CPU Load and Hotkey Managers can execute any power-related function as well as start any user applications.
* Timer Manager executes specified action based upon system clock.
* CPU Load Manager executes specified action when CPU load reaches specified idle level.
* Hotkey Manager executes specified actions from the keyboard even when TPC is not visible.
* Battery Charge State meter reports current charge state of laptop battery.
* Advanced commands allow you to force a shutdown when your PC will not respond to the Windows shutdown button.
* Always-on-top CPU load meter puts CPU load information on your desktop.
* Built-in web server allows sending commands over internet or local network to shutdown or restart computer.
* Create JPG or BMP screenshots using custom hotheys or make timed sequences of screenshots.
* Command line support for all power actions.

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