FotoAlbum Free v6.1.5.0 Portable

 FotoAlbum Free v6.1.5.0 Portable
FotoAlbum Free v6.1.5.0 Portable | 9.43 Mb

FotoTime FotoAlbum Pro is a software tool that organizes and sorts all of your photo collections into albums.
The interface of the FotoTime FotoAlbum Pro is intuitive as you will see after the download and also it has functions for more advanced users, you can import photos from digital cameras, flash drives, scanners and other similar photo storage devices. You can edit pictures also as it has tools for red-eye removal, photo cropping, color correction and also it has tools for sepia, engraving, oil effects and many others.

You can work with multiple photos as the FotoTime FotoAlbum tool can enhance, rotate and edit photos more than one photo simultaneous and after that you can print them. You can use the FotoSync and upload them on the internet and create online colections and albums and also you can this online tool to create backups of all of your photos. With the DeviceSync you can send photos to your iPod, PSP or other similar portable devices which support image storing.

So, the FotoTime FotoAlbum Pro image organizer can sort your photos and videos into albums, it can retrieve images from portable devices, it offers you the possibility to upload photos to the internet, you can create with multiple images a video FotoShow, it has a built-in archiving system that users can use to backup their photos directly to CDs or DVDs, also you can edit and enhance photos and many other great tools.


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