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From the long time i hav been looking for face recognisation software(searched and found banana soft,veriface,dell face recog on my hp but none of them worked.At last i found this software and it worked perfectly.Reply if u like this..
The new face identification and face verification features of Luxand FaceSDK allow developers build non-intrusive biometric authentication systems, and effectively enable touchless logins by simply looking into a webcam.
Traditional Biometric Identification

Biometric identification is the fastest, most secure and most convenient method of identifying computer users. When talking about biometrics, most people think of fingerprints. Many don't feel good giving away their fingerprints here and there, considering this to violate their privacy. Iris scan is another option that involves expensive hardware and exotic software. For this reason, iris-based identification is mostly used in the airports.
Face-Based Biometric Identification

The least obtrusive and least objectionable method of biometric identification is based on images of a human face. Just looking into a webcam for a second enables instant identification, effectively allowing computer users to login into their PCs by simply looking at it.


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