Focus Photoeditor v6.1.10 Portable

Focus Photoeditor v6.1.10 Portable

Focus Photoeditor v6.1.10 Portable | 11.98Mb

Focus Photoeditor - a powerful and easy to use image editor that can be used to improve and correct your digital photos and create graphics for web sites, home and office. You can receive photos from your hard drive, another application, as well as using a scanner or digital camera and start them immediately in this editor.
The program has a function to automatically convert images with one click, so you can improve your photos in seconds. Also, you will be able to edit the look of images with the built-in tools. Focus Photoeditor is a good choice for novices and professional photographer, because It combines many qualitative features easy to use and configure.
Features Focus Photoeditor:
"Fast work, and instant execution of the program
"Low consumption of memory
"Support for RAW formats of more than 100 digital cameras
"A set of quality filters for automatic photo correction
"The use of high-quality algorithms adjust photos
"Very easy to use handler photos in batch mode
"Multiple undo / redo
"Many options to save and export files
"Very comfortable for viewing graphic files browser
"A lot of additional features, such as creating web album, etc.

New features and enhancements:
"Improved interface
"Added support for new cameras
"Improved speed of some operations to edit and display
"Added" Auto-cut "
"Improved Paint Engine
"Improved rapid correction
"Added automatic and manual correction of dynamic range
"A lot of bugfixes
"Improved many other features

Change in Focus Photoeditor v6.1.10:
* History tool now also restores a layer's alpha channel
* Added Color masking capabilities to the filters dialog
* Filters interface was improved
* Some menus were slightly reorganized
* Now when histogram is minimized the histogram is not calculated every time (performance improvement)
* Now the actual pixels are not saved when moving a layer with the move tool (performance improvement), only the coordinates are.
* Added Intensity slider for all colorize filters
* Added tool buttons on the top bar for "Gamma / Levels" and for "Colorize HLS Filter"
* Some minor issues solved with the undo



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