ConvexSoft Icon Designer 2.3

ConvexSoft Icon Designer 2.3 | 4.62 Mb

This is an easy to use and powerful tool that lets you create, edit and manage Windows icon, cursor and icon library files. Ability to make icon from images and photos. It�s also useful for graphic designers who want to create their own icons.
Special Features
Apply Effects
Apply Blur, Rotate, Flip, Sharpen, Soften, Colorize, Drop Shadow and Negative effects.
Create Automatic
Create Windows icon from images and photos without quality loss.
Multi-size Supporting
Support different icon sizes from 8x8 to 256x256 even Windows XP and Vista icons.
Multi-color Supporting
Support different icon colors including Monochrome (1 bit), 16 Colors (4 bits), Grayscale (8 bits), 256 Colors (8 bits), True Color (24 bits), and XP Alpha Channel (32 bits).
Predefined Colors
Predefined color palettes are provided to have exact colors such as Web, Spectrum and XP, even create your own palette and use in your icons.
Export to Image
Export icons to bitmap file with ability to define transparency color.

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