iNet Protector

iNet Protector
iNet Protector | 3.1 Mb

Blumentals iNet Protector - a tool that protects the password your Internet connection. To connect to the network, you will need to enter a certain code word given to this in the program. In addition, this utility lets you set time limits on Internet access that will love their parents, who do not want their child to the days and nights spent in chat rooms and other unwanted resources. Internet access in the absence of the computer owner can anyone, in order to avoid unexpected financial losses and leave everyone high and dry, we recommend using this program.

Key features and benefits:
- Restrict Internet access automatically at specified times
- Password protect Internet connection
- Enable and disable Internet on demand
- Allow Internet access for a specified amount of time
- Allow only specified services or programs such as e-mail
- Allow only specified websites
- Block websites of your choice
- Set daily internet usage limits
- For Parents - Protect your kids from using the Internet too much
- For Businesses - Keep employees from online entertainment at work



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