Alpha Key Saver 4.0.0.

Alpha Key Saver
Alpha Key Saver | 3.65 MB

Stop wasting time re-typing the same information over and over. Alpha Key Saver makes inserting text into any application as easy as a mouse click or pressing a hotkey. Even if you copy and paste regularly used information Alpha Key Saver will save you time, energy and money..
Key BenefitsSave Time and Money: Avoid re-typing commonly used text

Reduce Typing Errors: Let Alpha Key Saver insert the text you need.

Stores frequently used text in a database for easy re-use.

Virtually Unlimited Length Replies: Replies are no longer limited to a fixed length and are only limited by disk space/memory availability.

Multiple User Support: New database engine allows multiple users to access the same file with individual record locking support.

PORTABILITY - Choose the portable installation option to install to a USB flash drive or removable hard drive so you can access your replies from any computer without leaving a trace behind.

Optional hotkey to insert each reply with a single key combination.

Waits silently, and out of the way, in the system tray until activated.

Multiple user-definable categories.

Support for plain text and RTF formatted text.

Affordable: Just $29.95 buys you a single user license. Buy it once and use it forever.

Home Page - http://www.camdevelopment.com/

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