F-Secure Internet Security 2011 v10.51 build 106 + Serial

F-Secure Internet Security 2011 v10.51 build 106 + Serial
F-Secure Internet Security 2011 v10.51 build 106 + Serial | 55 MB

F-Secure ® Internet Security ™ 2011 offers better security online without slowing down your computer. The completely redesigned new version offers significantly improved performance, including 70 % less memory consumption and 60 % faster scanning. The completely redesigned new version offers significantly improved performance, including 70% less memory consumption and 60% faster scanning. It also provides enhanced protection against viruses, malware, spam e-mail, and cyber criminals. Automatic updates and advanced cloud computing technology ensure the fastest protection against new threats. The new Browsing Protection feature tells you which websites are safe to enter and which you should avoid. Harmful sites are blocked automatically to ensure safe surfing while renewed Parental Control keeps children safe from inappropriate web content. Extensive usability studies have helped us create a user experience that sets a new standard for safe PC use. Any problems are handled automatically, without disturbing the user.

• Easy to install and use
• Real-time blocking of viruses, spyware and other malware
• Instant protection against new threats (DeepGuard)
• Firewall for protection against hackers
• Browsing Protection identifies dangerous websites and protects your identity online
• Protects children from inappropriate web content
• Spam & phishing e-mail filtering
• Multilanguage user interface

Key features:
• Protect your computer from viruses, worms and other threats
• Detect and remove spyware from your computer (Spyware), silently installed on your computer.
• A personal firewall will keep your personal data, protecting it from hackers on your computer
• Protection from spam and e-mail messages whose purpose - stealing sensitive information
• Parental Control zakrovaet access to sites inappropriate content
• Low system load

Protect your computer against malicious programs:
• Scanning for viruses and spyware protects your computer from programs that can steal personal information or cause damage to your computer or use it for illegal purposes. On detecting malicious software of any type are by default rendered harmless before they have time to act.

Securing Network Connections:
• F-Secure Internet Security protects your computer from dangerous Internet traffic:
- Protection from hackers attempting to gain unauthorized access to your computer.
- Blocking of malicious Internet traffic, such as Trojans.
- Blocking of malicious Internet traffic, including spyware.
- Preventing the use of a modem or ISDN-connection of malware, dialers for connection to the telephone numbers with high per-minute fee for connection.

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