ScanSpyware Portable

ScanSpyware Portable
ScanSpyware Portable | 5.7 Mb

ScanSpyware removes spyware, adware and other malicious programs safely from your PC offering you a fast and smooth web surfing with a complete protection to your privacy. ScanSpyware comes with life time spyware database updates. The trial version is equipped with a complete and very powerful Scan Engine, which is capable of generating a detailed log file containing information about infected files and registry entries.

ScanSpyware protects you from:
» Spyware
» Adware
» Malware
» Keyloggers
» Trojans
» Indentity Thieves
» Hijackers
» Tracking Threats
» Virus

Feature List
» Fastest Scan Engine
» Powerful Removal
» Boot Time Removal
» Automatic Log Creation
» Quarantine/Restore
» Embedded Threat Submission Form
» Embedded System Analysis Tool
» Embedded Malware Search Tool
» Automatic Updates

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