Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger - Instant messaging allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online friends. Unlike e-mail, instant messages appear as soon they`re sent. By downloading the Yahoo! Messenger application to your computer, you can send instant messages to other people from around the globe, send them files or have a voice conference.
Other features include voice chat, file transfer, mail and stock quote alerts, sports scores, news, and much more.

Photo Sharing - Drag-and-drop photos into your IM windows and talk about them like you're there.
LAUNCHcast Radio- Make your own radio station and listen to music you like!
Yahoo! Games - Challenge your friends to classic Yahoo! Games in the IM window.
IMVironments - Use interactive themed backgrounds in your IMs.
Find, Add, Share Friends - Easily get connected with the people who matter most.
Yahoo! Search - Search from your IM window, and get results both you and your friend can see.
File Transfer - Drag-and-drop files for real-time sharing and instant notification that they've been received.
Address Book - Synchronize all your contact information.
Stealth Settings - Make yourself appear online to some and offline to others.
Audibles - Let these animated characters say it out loud for you!
Emoticons - Express your feelings with these animated smiling faces.
Yahoo! Avatars - Represent yourself with a stylized graphical image.
Display Images - Select an image to represent yourself to your friends.
Skins - Select new visual designs or disable them altogether.
Voice - Make free worldwide PC-to-PC calls and enjoy great sound quality and voice mail.
Take Yahoo! with You - Stay connected to Yahoo! Messenger on your mobile phone.
Webcam - Share live video with friends and family around the world.
Conference - Exchange text messages with multiple people in one IM.


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MyUSBOnly 5.9 ML

MyUSBOnly 5.9 ML

MyUSBOnly 5.9 ML | 9 MB

Without MyUSBOnly, your data can be easily stolen by any of the people who come in and out of your home or office every day. With MyUSBOnly, your information is protected.

Lock the Bad Guys out of your USB ports
A flexible and lightweight solution for USB lock-down
Secure Your Files for Home Users
Prevent data loss while you are away from home
USB device control software for your Personal Computer or Notebook.
Stop information leakage such as documents, digital photos and videos.
Prevent un-trusted USB storage devices from family members or visitors.
Easy installation (1 minute) and maintenance free for home users.
Free technical support by email and free software upgrades.
A reliable and easy-to-use solution for USB lock-down. Prevent any family members or visitors who try to copy your information while you are away from home.
Installing MyUSBOnly is simple and quick; your USB ports will be fully protected in seconds.
USB flash drives - Useful tool or security nightmare?
Stealing information - or just reading it without permission - is a lot easier than it used to be. All you have to do is stick a USB thumb drive into a port, copy some files, and put the drive back into your pocket.
You're very careful about encrypting your backup files, and the information that you send over the Internet. But you're probably not protecting your USB ports, which means someone could copy important PC files to a thumb drive. These thumb drives fit easily into pocket or purse. Bad guys can use them to steal your files, your financial information, and your identity.

Top 5 Security Reasons to Use MyUSBOnly on your Windows computer:
Prevent data theft by blocking all but your trusted USB storage devices. Stop your files from walking away on thumb drives, mp3 players and portable USB hard drives
Secretly log all USB connect, disconnect and files/folders copied, modified, deleted activity
Get an email or syslog notification message when an unauthorized USB storage device is connected to your PC
Run it invisibly, so you can catch, as well as deter, problem coworkers, visitors, family members, or managers


MyUSBOnly 5.9 ML Fast Download

MyUSBOnly 5.9 ML Rapidshare

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The Complete Origami Collection

Toshie Takahama, "The Complete Origami Collection"

English | 1997 | ISBN: 0870409603 | 128 pages | PDF | 35,9 MB

The collection by bestselling origami author Takahama features over 100 designs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced folders. Each of these beautiful creations is illustrated in full color with step-by-step instructions. Projects include a samurai helmet, piano, butterfly, and pelican.


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Mp3 Music Editor 5.5.7

Mp3 Music Editor 5.5.7 | 16.24 MB

MP3 Music Editor is an audio editor for Windows, with visual editing function and various practical features, allowing you to perform as many as operations with audio data as you want.
When you open an audio file with MP3 Music Editor, it displays a waveform window, in which you could filter, apply various audio effects - with more than 20 sound effects and 6 filters provided, you could easily enhance the quality of the sound files. You could also convert file format and it supports a wide range of major formats. MP3 VBR codec and Windows Media 9 format are also well supported. Furthermore, you could edit ID3 tag and acquire CDDB information.

Benefits of MP3 Music Editor
Editing - You could open, create and save audio files. It can also be used as a music player to play an audio file or any selection of it. It provides visual editing an audio file with basic operations of cutting, copying, deleting, pasting, mixing, and inserting or deleting noise or silence.

Mp3 Music Editor 5.5.7 Fast Download

Mp3 Music Editor 5.5.7 Rapidshare

USB Disk Security new update

USB Disk Security new update

USB Disk Security new update
* Home
* Windows Software
* Security Software
* Antivirus Software
* USB Disk Security


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Super Diary v2.61

Super Diary v2.61
Super Diary v2.61 | 7 MB

Are you taking notes a lot and are you fed up with having to search for all your information in many single documents? Would you like to try something that helps you in your everyday document management? You have come to the right place! Super Diary is a powerful multi-purpose program for your daily document management, private or business. It will soon become indespensable for you - it sure has for me!. The program's main purpose is organizing and collecting text documents (and audio clips), but there is a lot more to discover in this program.

Write a Journal / Log / Diary
Super Diary - Notes Section Write your daily notes with the diary program, using a sophisticated word processor, style sheets, images, tables and hyperlinks. Each day can have an unlimited number of entries, organized in folders and subfolders inside a tree view on the left hand side of the editor. Open as many documents as you like at the same time (organized with tabs on the bottom of thedocument view). You can even open the same document several times and work on different sections at the same time!

Import existing text documents in *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf, *.html and *.txt format. Export your entries in *.doc, *.docx, *.rtf, *.html and *.txt and also *.pdf format, without using an externalprogram. You can print or export several entries into one new document, with optional title / date information and page numbers.

* Insert multiple entries for each day and attach a title to each one
* Organize your entries in a calendar tree and/or in a folders and subfolders
* Use a powerful editor with text formatting, colors, alignment, indent, tabulators...
* Undo and redo, bullet/numbered lists, indenting
* Configurable style sheets and style brush (to copy style to another paragraph)
* Insert resizable images - anchored to a paragraph or floating
* Insert hyperlinks and tables
* Create and use an unlimited number of templates for your entries

Collect and organize your Notes
The notes section is able to organize documents that are not connected to a specific date. The entries can be organized inside folders and subfolders, like in the journal section. You can create new folders and subfolders, rename and delete them and move your entries around in the tree structure. Taking and findinginformation has never been more intuitive and practical - now you can have all your scattered documents all in one program! Just press the shortcut (user-definable)

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Rar Password Unlocker 3.2

Rar Password Unlocker 3.2

Rar Password Unlocker 3.2

RAR Password Unlocker 3.0 is to easily and safely recover the password for RAR archives for you to open and extract the files in the archive. It supports RAR files of all versions created using WinRAR. The best in it is it’s not only easy to use but powerful in functions! It is super easy to use that even a new user can fully control it in less than a minute. It is far different from other similar programs with multiple functions integrated in one.

This is a little tool solely for recovering RAR passwords. With simple interfaces and clear instructions to guide you through the whole process of using it, you are fully easy to use it. Additionally, the manipulation is simple too. With 3 simple steps to enter full path of the RAR archive, select an attack type and start the processing will help you start the program to recover the password. Both integrated User Manual and online guide are available for you to refer to if run into any problems while using it.

The program is powerful in functions, too. It can not only recover simple passwords in no time but is able to recover long passwords with a speed over 220,000 passwords per second! The dictionary attack makes it customizable for users to solve their specific problems with a specific solution! This is rarely available and is the highlight of it, for you can create a dictionary file according to the password features to let it base on!

The program also makes it possible for you to define a password mask, which is a set of password traces, for the program to reduce the calculation load, increase the recovering speed and save time. It also allows you to set the computer CPU priority to increase the performance, which is also with a goal to save time.

Furthermore, the application comes with the possibility to resume the processing from the last session whenever it is stopped accidently.

Here are some key features of \"Rar Password Unlocker\":

· Recover long passwords
· Support all versions of RAR archives
· Easy to use with less than a minute to get familiar with the program
· Powerful with three attack modes
· Allowed to offer password clues to the program to reduce the calculation, time-saving
· Customizable for users can define a dictionary for the program to base on
· Allowed to set the computer CPU priority
· Auto-save the project every after a period of time
· Support to resume the processing project if the process is accidentally stopped last time
· Allowed to shutdown computer after the processing finishes


· Pentium II 300 or higher CPU
· 64MB of RAM
· 10MB free hard disk space


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Powerful software that recovers lost, inaccessible, or deleted data, EasyRecovery Pro enables you to recover deleted files, folders, and complete partitions (provided, of course, the files you are trying to recover were deleted without the use of special software such as R-Wipe & Clean, Anti Tracks, UltraWipe, WinCleaner etc).
* Complete solution for your data recovery needs
* Includes all capabilities plus advanced data recovery options and Data AdvisorпїЅ diagnostic features
* General capabilities пїЅ data recovery, file repair, disk diagnostics
* For all operating systems пїЅ RawRecovery Module пїЅ support for over 485 specific file signatures.
* For Windows пїЅ AdvancedRecovery and additional Modules пїЅ capable of locating all directories and unlimited file types
* Repair options for Microsoft Outlook and Email files пїЅ Outlook (PST, OST), Outlook Express (DBX), Word (DOC), Excel (XLS), Access Database (MDB), PowerPoint (PPT) and Zip (ZIP)



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