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USB Safely Remove - this is the manager of USB devices, it saves time and enhances the user experience when working with flash drives, portable hard drives, card readers and other gadgets. Safely extract, free from flaws built into Windows, shows what programs are hampered remove the device, removes the disk empty slots card reader is able to return back to the disabled and the device contains a wealth of other features for a comfortable and pleasant to work with hot-plug devices (USB , SATA, FireWire).

This program is free of the shortcomings of standard extraction and Windows offers a creative and multifunctional devices stop menu that displays the correct names of the images with which you can find and stop the device in one motion. It has a pleasant user interface with multilingual support, including support for Russian language

Improved appearance of the program
A picture is worth a thousand words, so just look at the screenshot below to see the changes with my own eyes.

Fixing the drive letter for the device
Windows can change the drive letter appointive your media device is connected. Therefore, you may not know exactly what the drive letter will be issued to your flash drive when you reconnect. It's a bit annoying, but does not interfere with live ... As long as you do not need to run from the flash drive is not portable applications (ie those who retain information about the drive letter for which they were installed), or you want any desktop-applications store data on external media . In this case, the external device must necessarily receive one and the same, the drive letter each time you connect! USB Safely Remove 4.2 solves this problem and allows you to lock the drive letter for a specific device. Just open the device properties, click the Properties tab drive, specify the desired drive letter and check "Lock the drive letter." From this point on, your device vsgda will have this letter and no other device will not take it, even if your device is not currently connected.

"Scan for hardware changes" in one click
USB Safely Remove copes not only with USB devices, but also allows you to disable SATAeSATA drives. However, some eSATA drives are not detected by Windows when you connect to a PC on the go. You have to run "Scan for hardware changes" from the Windows Device Manager to see your disk in Explorer'e. As you know, you need to do a lot of mouse clicks to dobravtsya to Device Manager, so we added this option directly to the menu stop devices.

Stop all devices simultaneously
If you take your time and or you need to stop all attached peripheral devices to take with you, you will find this feature extremely useful. Rather than stopping each device individually, you just click "Stop All" button once and the program will stop all visible in the device menu.

Full compatibility with Windows 7
We are very seriously tested the program for compatibility with the latest version of Windows, and now you can enjoy the program to the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7.

Small but useful improvements and bug fixes
- Display icons on the taskbar most of the windows
- Optionally, you can display the number of devices in the tray icon (see Settings -> Appearance)
- Tray icon is gray when there are no devices to stop
- Hotkey for the Safely Remove allows you to return it back
- Bug fixes
- On Windows XP 64-bit program seriously slowed down the system start
- Minor bugs in the autostart functionality
- When loading a PNG image removed alpha channel
- And some other minor bugs

Differences from the original version:
- Does not require registration
- Beautiful icon devices (optional)

Home: http***58;//safelyremove.com/

N.B: RePack by Habetdin



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